Digital Training

Sense Data have training services registered with the Regional Business Partner Network (RBPN). Details of our Digital training one-on-one course are available below:

One-on-one Digital Training (Virtual or in-person, depending on COVID-19 alert level) 

Course Content: 
- Digital Ad creation 
- Measuring success: what metric to use for each campaign based on the desired outcome through the sales funnel i.e CPM / CPC / CPE / Video thru-plays etc 
- Setting up your analytics 
- Analysing your data to make informed decisions about your marketing and advertising 
- Email Marketing and Database Management 
- Tips and tricks for SEO, SEM and Social 

Learning outcomes: 
- How to create successful digital marketing and advertising campaigns across social, search and digital video and display platforms 
- Learn how to use the data from your analytics to make informed business decisions 
- Learn how to manage your own social media and SEO rather than outsourcing 

Time commitment for the business: 
10 hours across 4 weeks 

More details about the Regional Business Partner Network, can be found on the link below. We are happy to talk you through the process, but you need to apply directly with RBPN.