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Better Sense™ is Sense Data's light-weight, rich media digital ad solution

Using the very latest in digital ad technology, we optimise each campaign asset to reduce the weight of the ad creative. This ensures the ad loads fast, giving the best user experience, whilst keeping the ad light to reduce the campaign's digital footprint.  

With the new optimised assets, we can build highly impactful rich media creative in line with the campaign's KPIs. Better Sense ™ ads are built for engagement so we can report on additional metrics like attention time, swipes, flips, rotations and any other touch point we build within the ad unit, as well as the ad creative's carbon emissions. 

Want to keep your existing creative but run it using less energy? We can help! We have solutions for different use cases so chat with our team to find the right solution for your business. 

Hit the button below to register for your free Better Sense™ info pack! 

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